Interval International is celebrating 40 years of growth, innovation, and superior service

17 May, 2016

Founded in 1976, Interval International has grown from one resort, three employees, and an exchange system of index cards into a world-class organization with a global presence and influence.

Interval Leisure Group Chairman, President, and CEO Craig M. Nash, who joined Interval in 1982, said, “It has been 40 years of tremendous achievement. We would not be where we are today without the vision of those who paved the way and the talents of the current team committed to Interval’s success.”

Interval now has about 3,000 resorts in its exchange network and more than 1,000 employees serving approximately 2 million member families worldwide. The company offers an extensive variety of flexible programs and benefits that are driven by an ongoing investment in cutting-edge technology.

In recent years, Interval has won numerous awards for creating ground-breaking technology and content. The company’s video library of destination footage and customer testimonials has become an important guide for vacationers learning about the benefits of shared ownership. For Interval’s developer clients, the unique Sales Tool Kit (STK) app is continuously updated and provides sales professionals with customizable and visually exciting presentation elements, including a proprietary exchange tracker.

Contributing to the welfare of the industry worldwide, Interval’s Shared Ownership Investment Conferences have attracted newcomers and provided invaluable knowledge and networking opportunities. Beginning in 1998, events have been held in the Caribbean, North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. An upcoming conference is scheduled for October 24 – 26 in Miami Beach, Florida.

Looking back, Interval’s industry “firsts” are legendary. The company introduced the first resort quality recognition program, launched the first enhanced exchange membership program, was the first exchange company on the Internet, established one of the largest timeshare social networking communities in the world, and developed essential digital applications for sales operations and consumers.

Source: RDO

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