Mensaje de Presidencia

The modernization of representation processes, representativeness, services and benefits obtained by companies in every segment concerning them is the cornerstone of success for institutions in an increasingly competitive market.

16_Lic. Ana Patricia de la Peña Sánchez (2014-2015)At the Mexican Resort Development Association (AMDETUR), we know that the growth of our institution must be intimately linked to the activities of our members in various segments of the Timeshare industry: real-estate ownership and vacation condominiums; comprehensive resorts that include golf courses, marinas and various vacation ownership models, as well as their vendors and clients.

With this in mind, on the occasion of our 28th Anniversary, we have introduced a model for Strategic Planning and Continuous Improvement, which we can use to proactively meet our members’ needs and expectations and strengthen institutions in all spheres of our industry and in all regions of the country.

We operate in accordance with our Values: Ethics, Commitment, Integrity, Respect, Professionalism and Passion. We are guided by Our Vision and our Mission, in promoting and encouraging the activities of all our members by exercising best practices.

We have risen to the challenge of providing the best services to our members, finding the path for benefiting more companies through our actions, while strengthening ties with our counterparts in the public, private and nonprofit sectors, taking a stance that reflects the cohesiveness of all the stakeholders we represent.

Now is the time to act in unison; the time to strengthen our institution. We are on our way.

Ana Patricia de la Peña Sánchez.

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