Exchange Companies

Vacation Exchange emerged as a complement to Timeshare and proved to be the catalyst that caused the industry BOOM. Companies like Resorts Condominiums International (RCI), founded in 1974, and INTERVAL INTERNATIONAL, founded in 1976, were pioneers of this innovative concept

Major vacation exchange companies enabled the exponential growth of the industry because now timeshare or vacation property owners didn’t have to use their week in the same location; they could practically exchange their interval anywhere in the world.

In 1974, Jon and Christel DeHaan set out to add more excellent value to the timeshare experience when they pioneered the vacation exchange. The DeHaans developed a system that allowed owners to exchange time at their homes for a stay at a different affiliated property. It provided flexibility and choice to timeshare owners and revolutionized the industry.

Through their flagship exchange programs, RCI Weeks® and RCI Points®, RCI helps its Members turn their dream vacations into reality and explore the world by providing access to more than 4,300 affiliated resorts in over 100 countries.

Since 1976, Interval International has made it very easy for members to enjoy vacation periods in a wide network of quality resorts. With over 3,200 resorts in 90 countries to choose from, members have the entire world at their disposal. Interval membership offers much more than a vacation exchange. With the flexibility to choose how to spend vacations and a wide range of valuable benefits that can be used at home or while traveling,